Ā  Had a very good day today, Went to Inox and watched a wonderful moviešŸŽ¬ with brother and his wife and a friend of his.And yesterday had a nice and peaceful sleep with no struggling and really didn't remember when I fell asleep, and had a beautiful dream too as I remember I was very... Continue Reading →


As I am very happy today because yesterday I had a good sleep and so I spent my whole day with a genuine smile on my face . Some times this question often arises in my mind "Why Me?" "Why am I facing all these problems ?" But deep within my heart I know that... Continue Reading →


Today I did had a very bad day, Stomach ache and fever and a serious head ache because I couldn't sleep properly last night and I don't know why it happened. As I could remember my mind was calm last night no over thinking but I was not being able to fall asleep. It took... Continue Reading →


I didn't post any thing after my last post because I was having a adequate sleep so as a result I was having a great time I was feeling good I was happy but yesterday night I didn't know what happened I didn't had a good sleep, my mind was calm but I didn't know... Continue Reading →


At this moment feeling good ,listening "peaceful music" Yesterday had very rough time to get sleep went to bed at around 1 am and the time last i checked my mobile until I was not slept is 2:30 am and then I don't remember when I went to sleep and woke around 8:30 am and... Continue Reading →

Welcome to My Life

Every creature on this planet is living their life may it be we human(as i am) or it be animals,trees etc but as i am a human kind living creature so i know humans better we want happiness in every sec of our life we just hate not being happy and every one is just... Continue Reading →

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